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Author: Karen Andrews

Karen Andrews is an award-winning writer, author and publisher. She has been blogging at ‘Miscellaneous Mum’ since August 2006. She has been a two-time finalist in the Best Australian Blog Competition, and is now a teacher at the Australian Writers Centre. She is also Program Manager and Online Editor at the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne. On top of that – when she finds time! – she is a cafe poet at Australian Poetry.

Her latest book, Crying in the Car: Reflections on Life and Motherhood was released in November 2012.

Illustrator: Kim Fleming

Kim Fleming has been drawing and painting ever since she realized that red and white make pink at the age of four. Although she doesn’t use much pink in her work these days, the wonder of painting and creating new worlds thrills her just as much as that first discovery. Kim has worked and exhibited in the USA and Australia, created illustrations for magazines and interactive children’s games, and illustrated several books for children and young adults. She uses a mixture of watercolours, acrylics and collage. Her website is